Our first stop in Dallas was at Pioneer Park which is a collection of statues depicting a cattle drive from back in the 1800's. Very well done and well worth the stop.
We then moved to the area where JFK was assassinated in 1963. Spoke with a tour guide who gave us the full story of that day, conspiracy theory included. There is a memorial which is a huge box type structure and a plinth with just his name, all a little nondescript really and disappointing. Further down the road in Dealey Plaza where it happened there is another memorial dedicated to the day which overlooks the scene. On the road are two white crosses which is the place where he was hit with the first shot and then the second shot all within a few yards of each other.
For people of our generation who all remember where we were when the news broke it was really interesting to see.
The final photograph is of the road where it happened you can just see a plaque on the side of the road.