Started out Tuesday March 13th 2018
Day 1  Tuesday March 13th 2018.

Arrived at Bolding Mill about 30 miles north of Atlanta. Have a site overlooking the lake. Staying for 2 nights
Ready to leave the cabin
Site no 23 Bolding Mill
Day 3 Thursday March 15th. Moved on to Noccolula Falls,Gadsden, Alabama, about 150 miles. Now in Central time zone. Site was just OK for an overnight stay. Still searching for some warmer weather.

Day 4. Friday March 16th. Moved on to get new tyres at Leeds Alabama on new car. Then travelled to Corps of Engineers site (always good sites) at Jennings Ferry, Eutaw, Alabama. Nice site right on the river but rainy and overcast. Would be real nice in the sunshine.
Day 5 Saturday March 17th. Moved on to Meridian, Mississippi. Stayed at the Benchmark RV Park. Very nice well kept and well organized site. Clean individual private shower rooms. Very good stopover site. First time we have seen sunshine and 70 + temps.
Day 6 Sunday March 18th. Arrived at the Lady Luck casino on the banks of the Mississippi river in Vicksburg. No RV park but they do allow Rv's to stay in the parking lot overnight, so we pulled up in the corner out of the way and are really comfortable. Stayed for 2 nights.Slight view of the river from the rear of the rv. Starting to relax now and enjoying the peace, a little gambling and good food at the reasonably priced restaurants. You can't beat staying for free !
Vicksburg was a crossroads for our plans, either we opt for the shorter trip (3000 miles) and head north or we go for the longer trip (4500 miles) and go west. After a lot of thought and talk we decided to go for it and to head west, so we will be going through Texas, New Mexico to Colorado.
Tuesday March 20th. Moved on to the Paragon casino in Marksville Louisiana. Staying for 2 nights. Nice clean rv park with full facilities. Due to the time of year very quiet which is why we like this time of year. Gorgeous weather, sunny and mid 60's. Zoe is enjoying the warmer weather, obviously much better on her old bones.
Thusday March 22nd. Moved on just a short distance to Coushatta Casino Resort, Kinder, Louisiana. Large and busy rv park at this casino, well laid out and very clean and well kept. They have a lot of rental chalets that look new and very nice. Just staying for one night before moving to just outside Houston tomorrow for a couple of nights. Mary is wanting to see what Hurricane Harvey did to the area when it came through there in August last year. We are just a few miles short of 1,000 since we started out, 10 days ago. Weather still really nice and warm in the day. We need the heat on first thing in the morning then switching to a/c in the afternoon.
DAY 10
Friday May 23rd. Moved on from Coushatta to Baytown Texas about 30 miles from Houston. Staying at Bayou Bend RV Park for 2 nights, built late last year as a facility for people working on the recovery of Houston after Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. Houston is the 4th largest city in  in  the USA and covers a huge area. AS soon as we arrived we took a trip to Galveston, large sea front town on the Gulf coast. Really nice place although the water was rough and the wind blowing just a wee bit.
                                                                                           READ ABOUT KEMAH HERE
On the way back we stopped in at a small town called Kemah. What a revelation that place is !! A well kept secret, it has a waterfront boardwalk, shops, restautrants, live band at a town square surrounded by shops and holiday apartments plus a funfair with a huge wooden big dipper. Had an ice cream sitting listening to the band and loved it. On Saturday we rode around Houston, visited our first IKEA store, Wow that was worth the stop, incredible store.
           Click HERE for photos of Galveston and Kemah in a new window
Best way for Zoe to get around
Sunday March 25th 2018. Found out yesterday that an old family friend, Jan Marsh, from our Loggerheads days is now living just north of Houston and therefore on our route to Dallas our next destination, so we called her and arranged to meet for lunch.
Jan is now 81 and looks really good, visited with her for a good couple of hours and reminisced about the "good old days". Thank you Jan for your hospitality and hope we can keep in touch and maybe our paths will cross again in the future,
That afternoon we moved north to Huntsville Texas and stayed at a Walmart for the night.
With Easter coming up next weekend we have made reservations at a large casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma so will be heading there for Wednesday.
Monday March 26th. Arrived at a Corps of Engineers vcampground near Ennis Texas and about 30 miles from Dallas. COE sites are always good, always on a lake and this one is no exception. Plus they all give a 50% discount to "old farts" like us so we stayed for just $8. We are backed up to the lake and it is wonderful. In the afternoon we took a ride in to Dallas for a very pleasant few hours taking many photos of where JFK was assasinated and more which is all worthy of its own page. SO CLICK HERE FOR DALLAS.
Traveled 1370 miles so far.
Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Made to look like stacked boxes.
Tuesday March 27th. Moved on to the Winstar Casino midway between Dallas and Oklahoma city. The largest casino in the world. The casino floor runs for 1.1 miles, themed sections representing London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, New York, Beijing, Cairo and Madrid. UNBELIEVABLE. Unfortunately we had a complete day of rain so not good for taking photos, but we are here for 5 days and will have plenty of opportunity to post many photos in the coming days. Weather is supposed to be cleared up by Thursday, in time for Easter. Click for Winstar photos HERE
Sunday April 1st 2018.  Moved on from Winstar about 105 miles to the Riverwind Casino in Norman Oklahoma. No facilities for Rv's but allowed overnight parking for free. So we stayed one night and then moved on. Problem is that the temperature dropped through the floor to the mid 30's (that was in the daytime) with 20mph winds, bitterly cold.

Nice large casino but both of us felt it was not the right place to stay.
Monday April 2nd 2018 We were intending to visit Oklahoma City today on our way to our next stop but all of Oklahoma teachers went on strike over pay and 30,000 of them descended on the Capital building for a rally. The TV was saying avoid the city at all costs as traffic was grid locked, so we took a detour to Lady Luck Casino in El Reno about 60 miles from our last stop. Now this is our kind of place to stay, full hook ups for Rv's water, electric and sewer and all for FREE. Don't find many of these as we travel around the country. We stay for free when they have no facilities but all facities for free, can't beat that.

Now the only trouble is the wind has picked up to 30 mph and the temperature with the wind chill is in the 20's. We are seriously considering aborting the part of our journey that takes us further west to Colorado as thos bone chilling weather is not for us, plus Colorado has the chance of late season snows each year. So staying put today as we don't want to drive in these winds and see what tomorrow brings.

Friday April 16th 2018. Still here at Lucky Star Casino. I have not felt well for the last 3 days so yesterday went to the walk in clinic, who then sent me to the Emergency room for blood work and evaluation. Temperature running around 102 and blood pressure very high. They ruled out the flu, and said it was either a virus or a bacterial fever. They told me to keep hydrated and to give it 24 hours with Tylenol and Ibuprofen and if it isn't getting better then it must be bacterial and so to start the antibiotics they gave me. This morning my temperature was down 99 and the headache has gone, just feel a bit muzzy. Now we have whigh winds returning tonight until midnight and then SNOW from midnight to 6am.
Monday April 9th 2018. Finally the weather has cleared up for a couple of days so after a week here have decided to head east to Checotah OK. It has been so bitterly cold and especially for me not feeling too good. Casino was good to us, overall I think we came out about $70-$80 better than when we started, on top of the free sites for a week, it was a win win. I suppose you can tell by our deliberate right turn that Colorado being left this year. The weather is still too iffy after what we have experienced so far.
Tuesday April 10th 2018. Continued heading east on a nice sunny day with temperatures reaching into the low 70's. Stopped at another Corps of Engineers site, Aux ArcPark for the next 2 days on the Arkansas River. Really nice campground, recently refurbished with new tables, shelters over the top etc.Going to a nearby State Park called Mount Magazine later today. Almost 3000ft elevation.
My attempt at a landscape photo
Mount Magazine, Arkansas
funny name for a mountain.
On top of the mountain is a gorgeous lodge with hotel rooms,cabin rentals and a restauant with superb views.
See more photos HERE
Thursday April 12th 2018. Moved on about 100 miles to just outside Little Rock, Arkansas. Another Corps of Engineers site on the Arkansas River called Maumelle Park. Weather forecast not good for tomorrow with severe thunderstorms most of the afternoon and evening.
Well they weren't wrong about the thunderstorms and torential rain, it poured down all night. Cleared up for Saturday and so we went to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Well known for its ,yes you guessed its hot springs. Also was the boyhood town of Bill Clinton.
Sunday April 15th 2018. Moved on leaving behind cold temperatures of 55 deg. Doing all we can to find a little warmer weather. We moved on to the Tunica region of Mississippi, well known for being home to 8 casinos. We are staying at the Hollywood casino. Real nice and clean RV park with full facilities. Playing it by ear as to how long we are going to stay but with the promise of mid 70's weather with "sunshine" it sounds inviting.
Thursday April 19th 2018. Moved on from Hollywood Casino today, only 22 miles to another Corps of Engineers site on Lake Arkabutla, Mississippi. We have stayed here before and therefore knew just how gorgeous a place that it is to stay. Decided to get here on Thursday before the weekend rush on Friday. Staying until Sunday. We managed to snag the best site, 360 degree lake views, no one can park in front of us, GORGEOUS.
Sunday April 22nd 2018. After a very pleasant 3 days at Arkabutla Lake the weather is on the turn again bringing 3 days of rain right across the region we will be traveling. Can't avoid it by changing course so headed 150 miles east towards the cabin to stay at another Corps of Engineers site, close to Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis's birthplace. Probably picked up the best site of all they have right above the lake and overlooking the beach. But for the rain another first rate location.
Monday April 23rd 2018. Still moving east with the rain. Traveled about 150 more miles in to Alabama. Stopped overnight at an OK place in need of a bit of tidying up but fine for an overnight stay in the rain.
Just to add insult to injury we were even confornted with a double rainbow on our way here.
Total mileage covered to date is 2575 miles and just over 300 to go to the cabin.
Dallas Skylne
Tuesday April 24th 2018. Moved on towards North Carolina and found a wonderful Forestry Commission site about 190 miles from the cabin. What a gorgeous place it was, we had a site right next to a raging white water creek no more than 20 feet from our door. In fact when we left we passed the site of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics site for the white water kayaking competitions.
Wednesday April 25th 2018. Decided to head for home today with only 190 miles to go. Arrived back about 4pm after being gone for 42 days away and having covered 2901 miles. The big problem was that we chose the coldest and wettest spring for a long time. Through the middle of the country we saw flooded fields for mile after mile, endured freezing temperatures, strong biting winds and at times torrential rain in addition to snow showers one night in Oklahoma. Checked Colorado weather today and they are still having 30 degree nights so pleased we never went that way.
Weather here was nice today, nice enough to make a start on the grass cutting before it started to rain late afternoon.

Looking foward to the next trip, hopefully in better weather.
For those of us old enough to remember this is what this place reminds me of
"Consulate as cool as a mountain stream"